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Toyota airbrushed paint repair
Wrx airbrushed stone chip repair


Airbrushed paint repair is for those bigger scratches and stone chips requiring a higher level of finish then a brush touch.


We aim to make paint repairs affordable and our process does just that while maintaining a quality finish that will last!  


So, what’s the process? Clean, Colour, Clear, Level and Polish.








Step one - Clean

This allows us to inspect the scratched paint and gives us a clean working surface. 

Step two - Colour

we spray the colour directly into the scratched or chipped paint for the closet original match.

Step three - Clear

Specially formulated clear is brushed into the scratch or chip and is cured with ultraviolet light.

Step four - Level

Micro sanding allows us to take the applied clear back down to the original paints surface level.

Step five - Polish

We bring back that shine by machine polishing the paint and create a perfectly level repair area.