scratch repair.png
Ford ranger scratch removal

Scratch removal is the quickest way to visually enhance your cars paint.


It's a permanent and low-cost alternative for repairing minor scratches and scuffs.


So, what can be repaired? Generally surface level scratches, that have not broken through the clear coat. This allows us to use fine abrasives to remove the paint defect.


How do you know if it can be repaired ? If you can not feel it with your fingernail then chances are, we can fix it.








Step one – Clean

This allows us to inspect the scratched paint and gives us a clean working surface. 

Step two - Defect removal

depending on the depth it will involve micro sanding with fine abrasive sandpapers or a course cutting compound on a machine polisher.

Step three - Polish

We use a fine grade machine polish to enhance the paints surface and restore gloss.